Do something good for your health by travels!

Nowadays, not only the daily life is stressful. Even on vacation, it goes to many people about very quickly especially much to do – real time to relax just yet indulge in the least. However, a new trend seems to be developing reading: referred to the so-called ” slow tourism “, or ” decelerated Travel “. Who suffers in his everyday life under stress, can benefit from this new trend!

Many tour operators are beginning to rethink!

Meanwhile, the need for slower travel has also moved various travel suppliers to rethink – it will be increasingly offered travel, the vonstattengehen deliberately slow.

In addition to a completely different experience as a travel destination, the travel has some advantages:

  • The relaxation on holiday has a positive effect on the everyday life of
  • The reserves of power for work and family to be replenished
  • The burn-out risk is reduced
  • The cardiovascular system can recover
  • Expedia has this subject even just dedicated a separate article and is called here as an insider tip Tibet!

Wolfgang Grader reveals in an interview Expedia where you can relax the best in Tibet!

Together with Wolfgang Grader of the Tibet Initiative Germany ( TID) Expedia is dedicated to the article the Asian country and represents states that there is hardly a more relaxing place in the world. This also has the context that Tibet is best suited due to its traditional spirituality to find himself.

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